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For a good cause
Tuesday | 29. September 2015
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For a good cause

The third Malzabend of 2015 was dedicated to the association "Doctors for Madagascar”.

The Association of German doctors was founded with the purpose of initiating medical assistance for Madagascar, in coordination and cooperation with a local partner, the EHM charity.


A focus of the evening was the presentation of the organisation and its main projects, which was received with respect and approval of the attending guests. The musical part of the evening provided the background for interesting discussions and new synergies that will support the association in its future work.


The donation aspect was successful as well, almost 500 € were collected for the organization "Doctors for Madagascar”.


Thank you for a wonderful evening and hope to see you again soon in 2016!

More information about the association can be found at www.aerzte-fuer-madagaskar.de.