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Mail from Honduras
Friday | 04. September 2015
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Mail from Honduras

A few days ago we were happy to receive another letter from our godchild Eduardo Josue.


The once little Eduardo is grown up now and lives with his parents in the Saba-Jireh, a project launched by World Vision and located in Honduras. His greatest passion is still football and in his letter he tells us that he loves to play with his friends and classmates.


Eduardo is now nine years old and writes in his letter that he and his family is doing and well and that winter has now begun in his country. He says that it currently rains a lot and the plants get green leaves again, which makes the environment and nature look very nice. We were also happy to receive a drawing and pictures of Eduardo.


We are looking forward to the next letters from Honduras and the many small stories that Eduardo has yet to report.


Find further information about the project here>>.