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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Pure nature
Friday | 31. July 2015
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Pure nature

At the beginning of the year the urban oasis founders started their outdoor project at the Malzfabrik with great zest.


A lot has happened since then! Visitors of the summer festival Malzwiese could get a first glimpse of the oasis and see the first flowering beds.


Donations and helping hands created seating, hanging islands, fireplaces, flower and herb beds as well as a fence made of of stacked foliage. The urban oasis has literally blossomed and invites you to relax in Berlin surrounded by nature.


Other projects are still in the pipeline, many materials are needed.

These include:
* Cuttings and plants
* Building material (nails, screws, etc.)
* Garden tools
* Flowerpots, planters
* Rain barrels, gutters
* Foam
* Cords, straps, chains of all kinds

Anyone can participate and bring unneeded material from the basement or shed. The urban oasis happily welcomes every helping hand. Help make the urban oasis grow and bloom!

Helping hands with tips, donations and ideas write to

Urbane-Oase@web.de or visit the Facebook site.