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Repair-it-yourself on the Malzwiese
Thursday | 28. May 2015

Repair-it-yourself on the Malzwiese

The Repair Café Schöneberg will help dedicated craftsmen to repair their broken household electronics on the Malzwiese. After all, everyone has experienced how quickly they brake down and how costly the repair of a stirring machine, a printer etc. would turn out.


BUND Berlin regards this as wasteful and not really environmentally friendly, therefore the Repaircafe Schöneberg offers regular repair appointments – as well as a popup-repaircafe, which can be found on the Malzwiese!


Log in at popup@repaircafe-schoeneberg.de if you want to have a device repaired during the festival on June 6.


Location: Malzkabinett | Alte Mälzerei

Hours: 3 pm – 6 pm