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Malzfabrik News Overview

Foray into the beer-scene
Thursday | 21. May 2015

Foray into the beer-scene

The booming craft beer scene increasingly captivates Berliners and capital visitors. 22 craft beer manufactories belong to the Berlin cityscape and are steadily growing. Since the Malzfabrik as a former malting factory has a distinct connection to the beer world, we present the book "Biermanufakturen in Berlin" with a reading on the Malzfabrik.


The longtime reporter, travel book author and beer lover Peter Korneffel immersed himself in the scene. He brought back 22 stories of courageous young brewers and breweries, just as amazing and diverse as their beers. Exciting excursions and even historic background information round off the whole thing. Korneffel devoted an entire chapter of his book to the Malzfabrik.


The extensive service section with addresses, access routes and opening hours, events and literature tips turns the book into a brand new scene guide.


Let yourself introduce into the world of the Berlin beers !


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