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Utopia Conference 2010
Wednesday | 10. November 2010
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Utopia Conference 2010

The Utopia conference has impressed us very much through its thrilling speeches and fascinating speakers and guests that are so remarkably committed in terms of climatic, environmental and social aspects. This precisely has been the focus of the conference: making a decisive turning point in the handling of climatic, environmental and social conditions. The conference confronted us with innovative and feasible ideas and solutions and the fascinating lectures and conversations provoked us to think more critically. Of course being pro-active has been an important aspect, but also we dealt with the question and difficulty of "how to get there?" as this always means finding good alternatives. The conference gave us suggestions with regards to sustainable behavior as well as various examples of committed people that are willing to think critically, to express their ideas and to fight for their beliefs. Topics such as economy, politics and environment have been examined from many different perspectives. Bianca Jagger, Hannes Jaenicke, Renate Künast, René Obermann, Bernd Kolb and many more have inspired us with their innovative ideas and their exceptional commitment. Thank you for two exciting and impressive days!