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The shining helmets
Thursday | 29. January 2015
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The shining helmets

The interior of our four Darren has been radiating since December 2014. Upon closer inspection, you notice that the light constantly moves in waves as if a spotlight were shining through water. These are special LED emitters that combine light, color and movement to provide fascinating illumiation.


The so called APHRODITEN were developed by designer Nik Schweiger for the manufacturer Zumtobel Lightning. The concept is applied to the light spectacles of nature and provides emotional light moods. A total of seven predefined lighting scenes with three speeds are available.


The dimming levels are regulated by a switch on the light. A specifically designed LED module and a specially shaped, motor operated, rotating glass cylinder create dynamic and atmospheric lighting scenarios from white light or colored light from red, blue and amber LED.


The APHRODITEN are mostly used in spas and swimming pools because of the pleasant and relaxing environment the dynamic light offers. But we didn´t want to hide them behind walls and rather share them with you. Those who do not stop by soon on our premises here, should definitely keep an eye out for the four beaming helmets when driving by on the Ringbahn around Südkreuz.