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Urban Oasis
Monday | 19. January 2015
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Urban Oasis

A little green urban oasis will grow for Everyone! Created from found materials and a lot of inspired individual work.


This is what it says on a wooden plate in white letters surrounded by greenery which has been around on the Malzfabrik for a few weeks now. Once it was the open air area of Junkel Funkel and made for some hip summer parties. Now it was transformed into an urban oasis by two amateur gardeners and has evolved through many visistors who stop by and lend a helping hand. This exactly is the concept of the Urban Oasis, it´s there for our tenants and the Malzteam to take a break from the desk job any time and come by on an easy stroll around the grounds.


To the oasis – may it continue to blossom by helping hands!


Suggestions, offers of help and more can be sent to the following email address: Urbane-Oase@web.de