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Little great work of art
Thursday | 15. January 2015
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Little great work of art

Our meeting room desperately needed an update with the oversized wall shelf with all our utensils, folders and office supplies overwhelming everyone.


We went for a clever and at the same time practical system to beautify the room and welcome guests. We got our experienced carpenter Max on board who previously did an awesome job with the woodwork in the Malzkabinett. In just a few weeks, the meeting room became our favorite hangout. Old wooden pieces from the Alte Mälzerei, an old window and color-coordinated doors were combined to a great work of art of sliding doors. Now, the content of the shelf is hidden in a wonderful way behind large green wooden doors.


We are pleased that old inventory was processed in true upcycling fashion and look forward to future meetings in that environment. If you want take a peek please pay a visit to the Malzkommando room anytime. And say hello too!