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Luminous Aphrodites
Tuesday | 23. December 2014
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Luminous Aphrodites


Shortly before the end of the year a small and long-cherished wish of the Malzfabrik finally came true. Our four knights on the roof of the Alte Mälzerei are now illuminated by a total of eight Aphrodites.


The LED spotlight and so-called Aphrodite was designed by interior architect and designer Nicholas "Nik" Schweiger. Nik Schweiger has already accumulated several awards for his work and has collaborated with the likes of Matteo Thun and Philippe Starck. A successful consultation with the Heritage Office granted that the eight spotlights could be installed before Christmas.


We are very pleased that our landmark is now seen from afar during the dark season and it may lead the way to the Malzfabrik for many.