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Voucher for white Christmas
Saturday | 27. December 2014

Voucher for white Christmas

Everyone wishes for ❉❉❉ white snowflakes ❉❉❉ on Christmas, falling softly from the sky, giving a lustrous sheet to the worlds surface!


To offer a guarantee for a snowy season, we hereby send you a coupon for WHITE CHRISTMAS.


So that snowflakes may fall and no summer temperatures make Christmas sweaty, the voucher is to be redeemed with Old Man Winter under the following conditions:


Close your eyes tightly, take a little dose of mind force, slowly count to three and imagine white mini stars in the sky. This applies with two repetitions and a firm embrace of the first dear person you see upon opening your eyes again. Chances increase when this is shared with your loved ones.

Then you only have to cross your fingers! If you want to play it safe, send a request letter to Old Man Winter at the following address:


Old Man Winter
Puffy Cloud 5
2nd floor, left
1❉❉❉❉ Celestial Sphere


The Malzteam wishes you a cozy snowy Christmas, a relaxing holiday season and a confetti-rich start to the new year!