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Egon on board
Thursday | 04. December 2014
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Egon on board

His name was quickly decided! "Egon" instantly inspired us with its size and its unique character. "Egon" is this years tough little Christmas tree with lots of character. As a dwarf spruce he was frequently laughed at by his comrades and had much to endure. But now he is part of the Malzafabrik and decorates our courtyard with its needles that smell so wonderful and do not sting. This makes "Egon" so special! Everyone is cordially invited to pay "Egon" a visit to hug him and experience his true grand heart.


The spruce was decorated by the Malz-Elves, check them out at this link>>.

There is still time to hug it out until the beginning of January and to greet "Egon – Malz Tannenbaum" every day when coming and going.