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Sweet greetings from the Malzfabrik
Tuesday | 09. December 2014
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Sweet greetings from the Malzfabrik

In recent weeks, our Malz-Elves have diligently crafted, cut, written, printed and packed. Every day there was a rustling in the large office, but all remained behind closed doors.


The Malz-Elves kept us guessing for a long time, but a few days ago our tenants, friends, partners, and families were surprised by some “Sweet Greetings from the Malzfabrik”. The sweet greetings include a pretty box or a glass filled with Malzdrops and a small card with built-in 2015 calendar wrapped in newly produced Malzfabrik eco-tissue-paper.

We hope the end-of-year greeting reached you and the cough drops from the Teltower Biomalz-Fabrik are yummy.


Merry sweet tooth!