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Music for dancing, dreaming and listening
Saturday | 07. June 2014
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Music for dancing, dreaming and listening

This year's music program offers something for every listening taste. The delightful ladies of Mona La Phona will kick things off with their sweet sounds at 2 pm. Finn Martin takes over at 3 pm to enchant with his mix of singer/songwriter romance and electronic sounds.

Do I smell cupcakes? - those 5 sweet cakes will follow suit with their guitars to make some ruckus on the meadow. Then it turns a little quieter on the stage, but no rest for the feet anyway. You´re welcome to dance to Shelly and her electronic beats at 5pm. Until 7 pm those dancing feet may rest, or take a stroll through the bazaar or to many other offers (program>>).

The Holy Cats will initiate the early evening and fill the dance floor to the setting sun. FRAN takes the stage at 8 pm with electronic sounds to gently finish the evening on the meadow.

But we still have more up our sleeve! After night calm takes over the meadow we just keep going in the Maschinenhalle. Last year´s meadow sensation Tanga Elektra will start the aftershow with a concert on the occasion of their first album. And all you nightdancers, sleepless and rhythm-crazed will continuously enjoy music, a stocked bar and plenty of glitter!


It will be a day shock full of dancing. Let´s go for it!