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Malzwiese planning in full swing!
Monday | 31. March 2014
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Malzwiese planning in full swing!

The Malzwiese organizing team has already begun and is well into the inspiration phase!


So if you have any ideas about a certain band you would like to see on the meadow, a market stall with your favorite products, a fancy decoration inspiration, a crazy suggestion for the Malzwiese program - or if you want to participate yourself - then please send an e-mail to events@malzfabrik.de.

The Malzwiese team is open to any suggestion!


Berliner bands looking for a gig and a good time on a sunny day in front of a dance hungry audience and come from a singer-songwriter, pop, hip hop, reggae or indie background.


Shop owners, online store owners, DIY types and creative folks from the fields of fashion, accessories, jewelry, interiors, vintage and more, who want to present their passionately created products on the sustainable marketplace.


Artists, actors, companies with a focus on sustainability, children's entertainers, skate pros, humor professionals, ballon artists, confetti cannoniers and countless more who want to enrich the program with their contribution.


Friends, acquaintances and networks that have a special idea and want to support us with their help and commitment.


We are already looking forward to the festival!