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Next in focus
Friday | 05. July 2013
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Next in focus

We participated in the popular "Tag der Architektur" for the first time, presenting our neighbor building Next on June 29th. Industry professionals as well as the architecture curious visited the gray cube in Bessemerstr. 16-22, where architect Kerstin Herziger led through the rooms. The Next was once an investment ruin from the early 90s and was finally refurbished in the last two years after 20 years of neglect. Diverse floorplans were designed for creative tenants who inhabit single rooms or entire floors. Among these are a music school, a canteen kitchen, a photo academy and a makeup artist school, etc.


For the "Tag der Architektur" one could visit free spaces of the Next building and gained a look behind the scenes as well as a fantastic view of the meadow. A successful day with the motto: "living architecture" !


More information about the Next is available at: www.malzfabrik.de/next/en/