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Green, oh so green...
Wednesday | 06. March 2013
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Green, oh so green...

When the two restored chimney heads were placed in the courtyard in mid-week, we were a little sursprised – we had in no way expected this color change. Our first reaction was to question whether everything had been done the right way.


Fact: the newly painted and restored covers appear fresh and cheerfully ready for spring. According to the color analysis of the five layers of paint that were still under the visible exterior color, this is the correct original tone.


We are definitely on the safe side since the Berlin Monument Authority has approved the color scheme. Our caretaker Armin found the final clue that this green is roughly the color of the window frames in the Alte Mälzerei. After an intense look around the old factory we noticed even more green objects that provided more certainty. All in all we are just happy that the chimney heads have returned and are eagerly awaiting the moment when all four knights will soon shine in new splendor together.


What the two chimney heads have experienced in the workshop, tells the second short film "The landmark of the Malzfabrik" here>>.