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It´s time for Next!
Wednesday | 18. January 2012
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It´s time for Next!

In the middle of the permanentely growing industrial park in Tempelhof-Schöneberg the modern building Next offers bright and open rooms on 4,000 sq.m as of early summer 2012. The view over a 15,000 sq.m planted park including ponds and the old clinker facade of the Malzfabrik causes a comfortable atmosphere for productive and creative work.

Planned and built in the minimalistic Bauhaus school style by the popular architect Jürgen Sawade in 2011 the grey building is stamped by clear lines and edges, modern design and plainness. Whether Start-up, agency, production company or creative working group - the new renting space was made for Creators and Pioneers. Frank Sippel and Nicolas Leschke ( who is responsible for the renting) are glad to have found new space next to the area of the Malzfabrik, which can be let to interesting and sympathic people.

The Opening of the Next building is going to be celebrated with an open house on the 23rd of February. On this day potential renters, creatives and curious people can get an impression of the new building, the ambience and the neighbour Malzfabrik at an easy Get-Together including Bands and exhibitions.

For more information to Next go to: www.next-malzfabrik.de or send an e-mail to: next@malzfabrik.de


More details about the Opening in February 2012 here>>.