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The Malzteam on the green path
Saturday | 04. June 2011
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The Malzteam on the green path

With the motto: "Lets get started! The Malzfabrik is walking the Green Steps", the entire team started to venture on the green path.


The organizers of the project „THE GREEN PATH“ visited us at the Malzfabrik and did a photo shoot with each team member. The concept of the project is as simple as persuasive: in order to stop climate change, every small step counts for CO2 reduction.

By participating, people give a face to a concrete action, by which they deliberately and permanently reduce CO2 emissions AND convince someone else to do the same.


The portraits were exhibited at the summer festival "Malzwiese" on June 4th 2011. See for yourself what we did to inspire our environment. And then do the same, inspire your environment -
because a single action that is imitated by someone else, immediately doubles the CO2 savings!


Your Action counts!


More information about the project can be found here>>.