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A heart project
Thursday | 31. December 2020

A heart project

The photographer Alea Horst and her volunteers Martin Kruszka and Boris Wiesmayr call on everyone to help.

The exhibition "Post from Lesbos" will be opened in 2021 and will be free of charge for all visitors. It is a very important exhibition because it shows the extreme suffering of the refugee children, women and men on Lesbos in a touching and authentic way.

In order for the team to continue to draw attention to the unbearable human rights violations at Europe's external border, they need support and welcome any contribution. So far, the exhibition has been completely self-financed through volunteering and sponsorship.

It is their wish that everyone can see this exhibition: Politicians, entrepreneurs, decision-makers, everyone - but especially people who cannot afford an entrance fee. Because their voice is needed for an honest understanding of the refugee situation and the loss of fear of refugees and for a cordial togetherness.

Corona is currently making it impossible to visit the exhibition, which is already finished. The team would like to hold out until the end of the lockdown, probably open in April and even expand afterwards.

"Whoever is immersed in the multimedia world comes out of it more than affected and wants to act. Because he or she can better grasp the suffering and absurdity within the EU on the Greek islands. In the beginning there is indignation. Then follows understanding, commitment and friendship."

Alea Horst, Martin Kruszka, Boris Wiesmayr and the Malzfabrik would like to ask you for your support by making a donation, by spreading the word and by sharing diligently!

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