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 A hopeful morning
Tuesday | 22. December 2020

A hopeful morning

The last words of 2020 are supposed to bring a life sign, an invitation, a winterly heartfelt greeting to those stormy times with warmth, assurance and love – even if it's “only” words. A hush is laying over the last weeks – an unusual year with special challenges for the world and each and every one on it. In hindsight a lot was happening and not happening at the same time. The year was shaped by many changes, insecurity, letting go of plans, new formations, changes, starting to wear a new clothing item – but especially silence and reflection.


We went through this time together and kept going. We thank you and turn on the lights on the premises in commemoration of everybody. Especially the people in Moria we want to keep helping. The exhibition “Post aus Lesbos” is close to our hearts. More than 120 pictures give an impression of the miserable situation in crisis areas like the refugee camp in Lesbos. You can support Alea Horst in her endeavour with small, medium and big donations. Follow the link here>> and be sure that you will reach many thankful hearts and create beautiful moments for others.


Malzfabrik slowly dives into the Christmas world. Before everybody is getting cosy in fragrant, shining, calming holidays, we want to send you all the very best and heartfelt wishes from this screen. Over all we hope to be able to celebrate together with you in the coming year, to sit in the restaurant and to meet for a chat in the park. Please have a calm Christmas with your loved ones, say goodbye to this turbulent year, believe in a brighter tomorrow and stay healthy!