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Let´s sing together!
Monday | 12. October 2020

Let´s sing together!

Singing is healthy. Singing makes happy. With those slogans the Berlin choir collective is advertising in it´s new trailer, which was shot in part at Malzfabrik.


They want to motivate more singers to become members. The motto of the organisation is: Each person has a voice, that creates happiness hormones with singing. Not to talk about emotional moments, that are felt deeper through music.

Apart form that, singing in a choir is an important social component in many people’s life. Lifelong friendships, love connections and families were created. Experiences that you would not have had otherwise, are only possible through a membership in the choir. Travel to other countries, concerts in front of hundreds of exited people, the exchange with other singers from Germany or abroad. making music together connects people at many levels, though language barriers and borders and there is nothing more that will eave a positive echo in people like singing together.


The Berlin choir collective is supporting the community of choirs with a strong voice from the capital since 120 years. Singing is close to the heart, singing is personal and there is nothing more beautiful than a many-voiced choir by many different people and their stories.


Malzfabrik was supporting the collective and different choirs during the summer with giving them room to rehearse in our park or under the roofed intermediate deck. Here is where part of their trailer was created, which on our opinion is very well done and invites to participate. Maybe even more people will be part of singing together in the future.


The trailer is here>>.