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Malzfabrik News Overview

Monday | 31. August 2020


Brand new and fresh auf of the printing machine are our recent Malzfabrik greeting cards, available at the gatehouse. They can be collected as a memorial piece, be send and presented to others.

Our stock of the original cards with the imposing black-and-white picture of the drying kiln which were enjoyed for many years, run out. This was the time to rethink them and create a new design. Words with the beginning letter “m” – like in the Malzfabrik logo – were the winner of the search for a new idea. We created a list with nice and beloved and fitting words, selected them and had them ready to print.


Little hearts in pink, mimimi, multi-kulti, microcosmos, miteinander, magisch or megasexy – the choice is big and has something for almost every taste.


Pick your favourite cards at the gatehouse and enjoy giving them to others, hang them on the wall or send them out.