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Fully charged
Wednesday | 22. July 2020
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Fully charged

Aside from many nice sitting possibilities and small oases our park offers a parking area with electro-charging stations for electrical cars.


The the era of new mobility and sustainable thinking we consciously chose to install electro-charging stations in our park. All e-car drivers can charge their car during opening times. Registration and payment are done by the QR-code that is placed on each charging station. During the charging time we recommend a stroll through our premises, which will make your stay into a nice break.


Our criteria for the installation was not only focussed on sustainability, but among other points that electro-cars, contrary to the combustion engine of other vehicles, are much more quiet, almost vibration free and don't emit any harmful fumes. Electro-cars including the battery are better in regard to the whole production cycle, the energy consumption and emission of greenhouse gases than vehicles with combustion engines.


In addition, electro-motors are quiet because they don’t develop suction and exhaustion sounds. All this are reasons that strongly pointed to electro-car charging places.


Every e-car driver is welcome to charge their car here and do something good for the environment!