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Stay healthy!
Thursday | 22. April 2021

Stay healthy!

The following rules for COVID-19 are supposed to contribute to more safety. Please follow them!


Keep the distance! A minimum of 1,5 m distance to other customers and the personnel keep the optimal safety.


Use your masks! In addition to the safety distance rule the carrying of a mask close to other people is important. When entering the premises, you protect our gatekeepers in the gate house, that want to give you information without getting in danger.


Our bathrooms all have hand sanitizer. Please use them regularly for your hands!


If possible and if enough space is available, please use the pathways that are free. The premises are big enough to be able to avoid each other.


Enter the staircase to AckerStübchen and the restaurant itself with a mask.


The through the premises distributed seating furniture is looking forward to your visit. Please keep the 1,5 m safety distance in mind.


Please follow the instructions of Malzfabrik employees at all times, that are here for your safety.


Enjoy your time with us, even if still limited. Thank you for your understanding and your support!


Stay healthy!