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Kiddy Citny
Thursday | 19. March 2020

Kiddy Citny

Citny became renown as one of Berlin´s “wall painters” together with the Frenchman Thierry Noir and others. The musician and visual artist, born in Stuttgart, eternalised 3-meter-high heads on the wall segment that are known in the whole world and where exhibited, among others, in the New York Museum for Modern Art (MOMA). A part of the wall was also seen as background in Wim Wenders film “Sky over Berlin”.


Kiddy Citny developed as musician the music project “Out” together with Nina Hagen and was touring until 1989 together with the band “Einstürzende Neubauten” through Germany and the neighbouring countries. A part of his art is Crossover – a combination of music, movement and painting in video documented performances.


In March Citny moved into one of our ateliers in the winery building. We look forward to the artwork that will develop here. Welcome Kiddy Citny!


Find more information about the artist here>>.