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Up Close
Tuesday | 03. March 2020

Up Close

For everybody that wants to have a professional look behind the scenes of an urban aquaponic farm, our tenant ECF Farmsystems offers a tour on every Thursday. ECF Farmsystems plans, builds and runs aquaponic farm systems for sustainable food production.


The ECF farm is located on 1800 square metres in the midst of the Malzfabrik park. The farm combines fish farming with vegetable growing and produces the regional capital city bass and fresh capital city basil.


Each Thursday at 4 pm can families, students, neighbours and enthusiasts can dive into the world of urban farming & aquaponics for one hour. Aside of the weekly tour you can book group tours as well. The possibility to rent the ECF farm as event location for 2-8 hours is another possibility for a unforgettable experience.

Have a look up close!


Booking here>>.


More information about ECF Farmsystems here>>.