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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Monday | 02. March 2020
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The Fightclub 1, the light hallway and the granary are background for the new Schimanski Series “SeineTochter”, which is announced in a trilot.


Contentwise it is about the daughter of one of the most popular iconic criminal investigators of TV history: the iconic inspector Horst Schimanski. Schimanskis daughter Emilia looses her identity after the explosion of a car bomb in Vienna. From one second to the next she has to put into question everything she has believed and deal with her past.

The idea is still in the project state, which was filmed in 6,5 minutes. In the planned eight episodes the actors Lena Maria Eikenbusch, Vinzenz Kiefer, Herbert Knaup, Gitta Schweighöfer, Constantin von Jascheroff, Luiii, Tim Oliver, Schultz, Chiem van Houweninge, Henning Kober, Shahriar Sadeghian, Greta Bebenroth participate.


Take a look inside the trilot and discover the multifaceted Malzfabrik. Here>> it is.