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Malzfabrik News Overview

Tuesday | 01. October 2019


Bernd Kolb invited to ATMAN IST BRAHMAN from June till September at our premises. Many visitors came in the last four months and many more have the chance to enjoy this wonderful experience as well.


Because of the high demand is the photo-exhibition stays open until December 31st. This will close our ATMAN IST BRAHMAN year and everybody interested can dive into the world and wisdom of “ATMAN IST BRAHMAN – the experience of true self”.


Experience ATMAN – your true self and your eternal, non-corporeal, all-connecting existence – together with BRAHMAN – the primal basis of all being. The exhibition is a room of experience that develops in silence and shows you more than the eye can see.


A worldwide unique, consciousness expanding work of art!


Opening hours

25th till 30rd of Dezember 2019 from 11 am to 8 pm

31st of Dezember from 11 am to 5 pm


More information here>>.