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At the gatehouse
Wednesday | 04. September 2019
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At the gatehouse

The reconstruction of the gatehouse was finished in 2010 and since then it is a busy place.


Packages, letters and other deliveries for our tenants arrive daily. It´s the first point of contact for out visitors and the workplace of the gatekeeper. Over time a lot of stuff had collected in the old and used shelves, thee was no real possibility to sit down and no place for merchandise products. The room called for a make-over.


This was talked about, wishes and suggestions were collected and a time plan was created. First part of the agenda was the renovation of the floor, after that the whole room was painted white and we were waiting for the ordered parts of furniture.


Finally, in August they arrived. A shelf system made from copper pipes was erected in front of the floor deep windows, a trolley for the coffee station came in, additional shelves for the post were put on the wall, a former scale was reused as a small cupboard. At last a beautiful wooden table with three stools arrived at the gatehouse.


Our gatekeepers can enjoy and use their room much better a more spacious and warmer atmosphere with more storage space. Our visitors can have a look at the merchandise in our shelves at the windows and pick something as a give-away, a memory or as a gift.


All together we tried to make the gatehouse a more inviting and comfortable place for out gatekeepers and the visitors – we hope we did a good job.


Have a look the next time you visit us!