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Small guy real big!
Tuesday | 03. September 2019

Small guy real big!

We did not think that a machine can create so much enthusiasm. But the Citymaster 600 is an all around talent. He is able to sweep, mow and take care of the winter services.


For an area of 43.000 square metres we needed a professional, who is easy to use, robust, flexible and ready for daily usage. Because of the speedy change system, you can change the function of the machine within 10 minutes. The smallest of those communal machines has a width of 1,09 metres, an airsprung seat, an air condition and a rear view camera.


We, and especially our house wardens are absolutely delighted about the Citymaster 600. With the new vehicle the cleaning of our outside areas is much easier and it is fun to use it.


In addition, we can take care of the winter services ourselves. A compact sweeping machine that fulfils all our wishes.