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Time out
Monday | 08. July 2019
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Time out

On the morning of July 5th we started with sunshine in our pockets towards Brandenburg via train. The teams of Malzfabrik - Real Future GmbH, Malzfabrik Event GmbH and the Malzteam – were looking forward to a day of downtime at an inspiring place outdoors.


The designated place was the project room Drahnsdorf, which is easy to reach by train and is especially suitable for team retreats. The historic rooms of the state surrounded by a garden and meadows immediately invite you to relax. We arrived at the place after a one hour train ride , chose a bed room and got an introduction into the history of the estate and all the lords of the manor that lived here in the past and enjoyed a good with with nice food and drinks.


We did a small excursion to the museum village Glashütte and learned even more about this area, were sitting together at a big wooden table for our dinner and were listening to the stories of each and everybody until night.


This trip was a blessing for everyone. We are grateful for the joint excursion to this rural atmosphere and idyllic place.


More information about the project room Drahnsdorf here>>.