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Happy baby!
Tuesday | 02. July 2019
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Happy baby!

On the Sonnendeck, all teams of the Malzfabrik met on May 29th. On this day the barbecue was staked, garden flowers were distributed on the tables and with juice in the glass, sparked the exciting coming time for and with Karoline vom Böckel.


For many years, Karo, as a sustainability officer of Malzfabrik, has driven many projects forward with her knowledge and zeal in the areas of environment and sustainability. From now on she wants and wants to devote herself completely to motherhood. It's clear!


Of course, from a distance, it can still be reached and supports us with questions on all environmental topics.


We said goodbye to the expectant mum with a lot of hugs as well as gifts, a small speech of the managing directors and look forward to her return.