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Support Sea-Watch!
Tuesday | 09. July 2019

Support Sea-Watch!

At the end of 2014 Harald Höppner, a German activist for rescuing people at see and a business man, founded together with other people the Sea-Watch e.V society as a non-profit initiative for civil rescue of refugees in distress at sea.


Sea-Watch performs emergency rescues, supports and fights for the rescue by the responsible European institutions and publicly supports legal escape paths. An old fishing boat was rebuilt as a rescue boat in Hamburg and more followed: Sea-Watch2 and 3. In 2015 more than 2.000 people were rescued. Since then Sea-Watch is in constant conflict with the Libyan and Italian authorities of the coastal watch, that hamper rescue missions and lead to the death on many.


In recent days the captain Carola Rackete was rousing international interest with her rescue mission in the Mediterranean Sea, where she was taking in refugees in sea distress on their way from Libya and after weeks long waiting for a permit just went to the port of lampedusa despite the prohibition by Italian authorities. This became a media spectacle, the capain was arrested and then let go and international actions of solidarity with lots of donations took place.


We did the same and now support Sea-Watch e.V. in every possible way and want to call others to action, too. Looking away is not an option!


We support the crew of Sea-Watch 3 and private sea rescue missions in the Mediterranean Sea.
What about you?

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