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Villa Kunterbunt
Monday | 03. June 2019

Villa Kunterbunt

In light of the growing insect death in the whole world, we want to give a home to all the useful small animals in our “Villa Kunterbunt”. Many studies have shown that because of fragmentation, destruction of living spaces, displacement by the steadily growing urbanisation and the use of insecticides the amount of insects is declining. This is continuing through the chain of causation in a way that birds and small animals find less and less food.


“Villa Kunterbunt” is not only an insect hotel. In it´s different compartments many different species find room to live. Not only bees, bumblebees and beetles live here but also hedgehogs, frogs and small lizards. The base for the creation of “Villa Kunterbunt” was a already existing sand mound in the park. After thorough research, planning and material purchases we built within 30 days a place for withdrawal and for nesting. This way of species protection is extensible at any time. the next step is to create nesting possibilities for endangered birds like the swift or for bats.


Furthermore, “Villa Kunterbunt” can be used as a teaching project for educational institutions. Additionally, we want to inspire others to create new spaces in the sense of nature conservation in other locations.


A great thanks goes to Real Future GmbH for the realisation of the project and the valuable cooperation. Real Future GmbH works on the basis of value based development of real estate in support of today´s and future environment. They offer their clients a portfolio of construction work on existing buildings as well as the revitalisation of real estate.


We look forward to work with Real Future GmbH on creating even more safe living spaces for animals!