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Refill Station
Wednesday | 05. June 2019

Refill Station

In 2017 Refill started in Hamburg their project with the appeal: Be part of it! Have your water bottle with you! Protect our environment! Drink enough water! Live healthy and save money!


This is how this volunteer program called for the avoidance of plastic and pointed to the contamination through plastic trash. In short: Avoid plastic trash, save our environment, drink good water and inspire others to live more plastic free.


The principle is easy. Everybody can participate and get a Refill sticker, put it on his door, give away drinking water for free and get listed as a Refill station.


We did this as well and offer free access to our tap under the halfway roof during office hours. The station is marked by a Refill sticker, so that everybody can find it.


Herewith Malzfabrik is another Refill station on the list that is steadily growing. As a Refill station and as a drinking water user – in both cases we protect the environment and strengthen our neighbourly connections. Be part of it and fill your water bottles or inspire your favourite café, corner shop or restaurant to participate.


More information about Refill and the stations here>>.