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Letter hotel
Wednesday | 20. March 2019
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Letter hotel

We have something new at Malzfabrik. Fitting with the beginning of spring we opened our lovingly called letter hotel which now invites everybody to exchange books, read and spend some time.

The Book Exchange Box was implemented by Real Future GmbH and combines many subjects that are dear to our hearts: sustainability, waste avoidance and upcycling. The mini-library was created from an old steel pipe and is now available to every visitor, tenant and employee during our opening times.

From now on one can be busy exchanging books and discover new reading material; because sharing makes you happy and reading makes you more clever. The concept is very easy. Hand in one of your books and take another one home.

A restored bench invites you to stay and read on site. Our letter hotel is in the front yard directly left of the entrance. We look forward to every visit!