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New existence
Tuesday | 05. February 2019
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New existence

You still find them in the old malthouse: the conveyor belt system that is connected throughout different floors and used to transport the malt in it´s buckets. Our caretakers took some of those buckets and gave them a new existence.

Our park caretaker Mahmoud had the glorious idea to convert them into ash trays. We had already crew top jars for cigarette buds throughout the whole area. But they were never enough and never stayed on their places. Therefore, we came up with the bucket construction. It got a a grid screwed on at the top to be able to easily stub out your cigarette. Additionally, Mahmoud drilled a hole into the handle so that a little iron chain could be inserted. Like this we were able to distribute the shovel cups throughout the area and have them safely chained up and securely installed. Another upcycling project is located at the machine hall entrance: a so-called shaft table which was fashioned from an old air shaft. The shaft was cut open just like the buckets and fitted with a round wooden board – and voilá, we had another stand-up table.

Two very nice upcycling projects, that grace our premises and remind you of the long history of the former malthouse plant. More will follow.