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Apply at Ackerdemia!
Thursday | 04. July 2019

Apply at Ackerdemia!

Ackerdemia, which have their offices at the wheat beer hall, are looking for a leader of the communicatins team with the focus on digital communication and brand management. You can apply right now and become an Ackerdemier and part of a great team.

About Ackerdemia
Ackerdemia is an innovative and fast growing social business with he goal to strengthen the awareness of society in regards to agriculture, sustainability and healthy nutrition and to raise the appreciation for food items. One focus is the innovative education program GemüseAckerdemie, that teaches the worth of food products to children and teenagers, shows them a conscious and sustainable consumer behaviour and important social competences.


Your core tasks
You are responsible for the development and definition of product brands of Ackerdemia and the associated CI´s, differentiate and consolidate various marketing strategies, manage existing and future brands, development of the digital communication strategy of GemüseAckerdemie and the creation of a B2B communication, analyse touch points with target groups and communicatively accompany digital offers, development and management of country wide communication campaigns, responsibility of the communications team and the supervision of 10 regional managers in regards to strategic communication.


More details, background information about the program and the organisation here>>.