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FFF – fresh food forever
Thursday | 08. November 2018
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FFF – fresh food forever

Fifteen producers offer their fresh and local produce at Malzfabrik´s Marktschwärmerei. Between 6 and 121 different products are available and fill your basket with oil, fruits, veggies, nuts, bread, pastries, meat products, candies and much more.


The Marktschwärmerei is the most direct and fair way to your groceries, because the customer can buy directly from the producer without any intermediaries. Additionally, the producer can determine his own price for the offered goods. Everything can get ordered online or personally picked up at the market where you can meet the producer of the items yourself. This is the way food shopping is fun.


The following producers are participants:
Siruperie - Sirup-producer I 100pct. – olive oil, dry fruit, coffee, spices & nuts I Endorphina Backkunst - bread, buns, sweet & savoury I Hummelbee – fine baking mixes for sweet and savory pastries I Försterhof Görlsdorf – wild meat and hearty sausages I Biohof am Jakobsweg – good beef & fat bacon I Die Backpfeife – bread, buns, pastries & cake I Casa Alpina – tasty potato dumplings I Die Grüne Seifenschale – aromatic soaps, bath salts, body & hair care products I Usedom´s black nuts - as marmelade, pest or pur I Frulee – fruity spreads, fruit and veggie candies I Lubahns Gemüsegarten – seasonal fruit and veggies I Bioland Imkerei an der Probstheide – candles, honey, propolis, I Hunanga Bioland-Imkerei – tasty honey and honey wine I Nudelmanufaktur Maerkische-Schweiz – fresh pasta

No minimum order, no monthly fees or contract time. Everything is flexible and fit for your needs. Collection is every 2 weeks at Malzfabrik.


For registration and further information here>>.