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Beautiful loft
Friday | 19. October 2018
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Beautiful loft

The Malzloft with it´s 130 sqm is a special location among all other motive areas at Malzfabrik.


Art Director Xaver Nitsche created this place which is flexible like a studio and combines a special atmosphere with style. Malzloft in the modern loft style is fitted with a kitchen in module system, various light concepts, white chalked plank floor, a big window front, film white surfaces, easing area, couch elements and more.


The Malzloft is located at the first floor of the winery and is rentable around the clock. Adjoining spaces can be rented additionally.


Famous people like Matthias Schweighöfer, Johanna Klum, Alexandra Maria Lara, Lena Gerke, Till Schweiger or Ernie van de Meiklokjes have been filming here for various formats. You can see some extracts of their work here>>.


More information about Malzloft at www.malzloft.com oder www.xavernitsche.de


Copyright: Xaver Nitsche