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A transition in moving pictures
Tuesday | 23. October 2018
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A transition in moving pictures

The starting signal for the reconstruction of the box malthouse came in 2017. The last guided tour in January 2018 at the 100 year anniversary of Malzfabrik. Afterwards to building was closed.


The building was cleared out and cleaned. Some relicts were collected for the museum archive and the electricity was cut of at the end of it all. This first part of the starting reconstruction phase was kept in moving pictures by our tenant breuerundsander, who gave us a look behind the scenes in a short video.


You can look at the video here>>.


breuerundsander – that's Matthias Breuer and André Sander, creators for all kinds of moving pictures. They create advertorials, animations, crowdfundings, documentations, fait films, trailers, business portraits and commercial films in our neighbor house Next – next to Malzfabrik.


That is a big portfolio which you can see here>>.


The end goal is a film that accompanies the whole reconstruction phase, assigned by Real Future GmbH for Malzfabrik. Quite a few of the phases are still in front of us, so stay curious. Soon there is more to see!