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IPGarten in TV
Wednesday | 24. October 2018

IPGarten in TV

First an article in the FAZ newspaper, now a segment at ProSieben – our tenant IPGarten

is flipping out. And with a good reason. Because the online garden offers the “gardening model 2.0” to everybody who dreams of their own garden but doesn´t have the time, the space or the money for it.


It is a possibility for a healthy, transparent, funny and sustainable production of vegetables. The best thing about it is, that you can direct it from home or anywhere else. The digital and the analogue world merge with each other.

The whole farming area is controlled via surveillance camera. Everybody can rent his or her own 16 qm IPGarten plot and produce their own vegetables. You can choose from a stock of seeding material with more than 40 different vegetables and herbs. You then determine what will be planted, when it is fertilized or watered and when itis harvested.


Have a look at the Galileo segment at here>> and be impressed by the innovative concept! We already are!


You can watch the IPSchaugarten live. It is next to the office of the IPGarten team at Malzfabrik. Step into the new world of gardening and get your own plot.


More information about IPGarten here>>.