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Let it rain, but keep it clean
Wednesday | 26. September 2018
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Let it rain, but keep it clean

It increasingly happened that trash, dirty water and other dirt were ditched into our drain channels throughout the premises. This had dramatic results for our swimming pool, the pond and the whole eco system at Malzfabrik.


Reason for the whole drama is the connection between the drain channels and the cistern which is filtering the rain water. If trash and dirty water is dumped into the gully cover, the cistern is affected. Only rain water can be filtered and brought back into the eco circulation in a clean way. To counteract the increasing contamination, we decided to inform each visitor and tenant with eco stickers on our gully covers.


With funny remarks like “ Nur Regen ist ein Segen” or “Kein Schnulli in den Gulli” or just simply “Only for rain water” the gully covers charmingly point out to be aware of what you´re doing and bring a little more colour to the cobble stones.


Let´s hope that less trash ends up in those gullies in the future and that our ecosystem keeps working well.