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Most beautiful company garden of Berlin 2018
Thursday | 27. September 2018
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Most beautiful company garden of Berlin 2018

The companies that are awarded by the initiative „Firmengärten Berlin“ have met at 7th September in Klunkerkranich. They are oases of relaxation and recreation. The companies competed in the three different groups “artistic quality”, “environmental quality” and “social function”. Goal is to incentivise firms to develop their green areas into oases of relaxation for their employees and visitors fin order to create an enjoyable work environment.


Environment Senator Regine Günther presented the award together with the representatives of the initiative. The four winner projects received a certificate and a plant – fitting for the subject matter. The Contag AG, the Juliwerk Berlin and the Stone Brewing GmbH were awarded for their green havens. Malzfabrik, the fourth one in this round, was the first to receive the special price for “biological diversity”. The jury found different goals of the Berlin strategy for biological diversity realised by us in an especially commendable manner. In our park the biodiversity is kept and supported, the microclimate is therefore improved. It's a recreational place for employees, visitors and clients of our premises.


The innovative general concept of Malzfabrik, which was awarded, preserves, connects and supports the diversity of nature in the big city. The 15.000 sqm sized park contains two water reservoirs with beach, birch grove and bee hotels. By now many insects, dragon flies, frogs, ducks and more small animals found their home here. We are proud of this award and which was celebrated in Klunkerkranich.


Lots of thanks to the initiative “Company Gardens Berlin” for this wonderful price which honours our work. The new certificate has found a place among our other great awards.