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Green rent contract
Wednesday | 27. June 2018

Green rent contract

Four students of the faculty “business engineer for environment and sustainability” of the University for Economics and Law in Berlin invested 80 hours each in looking a little closer at the “green rent contract” as part of their study project in early summer 2018.


The “green rent contract” is one of our great ideas to sustainably optimise the renting of business real estate.


On 27th May 2018 our sustainability representative Karoline von Böckel met with the real estate and finance team Carsten Bredow, Christiane Burgschat and Kathleen Henke in the Tankraum . There the students showed their results in a presentation.


We came much closer to our goal with the help of the students Giulia Timmich, Leona Jovy, Louisa Lippold and Maik Bode. Soon we can offer a sustainable and green rent contract. Thank you!