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My money is doing good
Wednesday | 27. June 2018

My money is doing good

Within the frame of a ZDF documentary the writers tackled the subject sustainable banks. Amongst those was the Triodos-Bank which exclusively funds sustainable projects – since January 2017 Malzfabrik is one of them. The Triodos Bank´s mission is to use money consciously to change the world. Malzfabrik is proudly part of their portfolio as a sustainable real estate project. Plans for the upcoming building works are already on the way.

The documentary is focusing on the meaning of the word “sustainable” and shows that a “Plan B” can be the right way to go: for the environment, for the consumer and for the banks. More questions like: Can an aluminium plant be sustainable? How can you make paper out of grass? Those questions and more are in the centre of looking into the background of each sustainable company.


In April the Triodos Bank came to Malzfabrik with their film crew to get a better inside into the project and to show how close our cooperation really is. First broadcast will be in May and from minute 5:51 on you can see the Triodos-Bank representatives Manuel Ehlers and Florian Koss aside the Malzfabrik employees Ulrike Peters and Marleen Venus.

We say thank you for this great documentary!

Here>> is the link for the documentary which is online until 28.08.2018