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Malzfabrik News Overview

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Wednesday | 27. June 2018
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Changes mean growth and that includes to explore new paths. In that spirit we had some major changes in IGG Malzfabrik mbH and our daughter branch Malzfabrik Event GmbH.


On 13th May, within the park at Rostlaube, the new business executives were chosen. Carsten Bredow is now registered together with Frank Sippel as executive manager of Malzfabrik. Our financial accountant Kathleen Henke is now registered as our new procurator. Tina Ellerbrok will replace Frank Sippel as the business manager of Malzfabrik Event GmbH.


At the small ceremony all of the above mentioned received a small welcome present and had a drink with the team to welcome the change.


Congratulations to their new positions to Kathleen, Tina and Carsten!