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City Cycling
Wednesday | 27. June 2018

City Cycling

Our team had a lot of fun cycling through the city between 3rd and 23rd June 2018 with their participation in the campaign STADTRADELN for more climate protection and cycling throughout Germany. The evaluations in 2018 showed 799 participating communities, 181.918 cyclists, 33.678.260 kilometres driven and a CO2 avoidance of 4.782 tons.


In Berlin alone 5.691 cyclers were on the road and collected 1.416.226 kilometres. In the ranking The region Hannover is first and the region Ruhr is second, closely followed by the capital. The campaign was created by the senate for environment, traffic and climate protection and was supported by ADFC Berlin eV.


Goal of this action was to win more people over to cycle through town and make a contribution to the climate protection, because one fifth of the climate damaging CO2 emissions is made by traffic. If 30% of the 6 km distances within the city would be done by bicycle, 7,5 tons CO2 could be avoided per year. Another important point is to keep healthy and have daily exercise.


Therefore, a team of five engaged cyclists from Malzfabrik came together and collected 671 kilometres within the time frame. After the final evaluation on the 31st June all participants can look forward to great prizes. The Malzfabrik team showed for sure that it´s fit and each of them loved and cares fro his bicycle and will continue to use it from the first to the last warm moment of the year.


Our team will participate next time for sure!


More information about the campaign at: www.stadtradeln.de