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Malzfabrik News Overview

Tuesday | 20. February 2018


The Next-driveway towards the park in direction to our tenant ECF Farmsystems is a free passage way for all tenants and deliverers as well as short time visitors with cars.

In the past external car owners used the entrance area as a parking space and obstructed the free entrance and exit ways for the cars. Since we didn’t want to put up those un-charming traffic signs, our management came up with a fast and easy solution.

Two massive tree trunks , that were stored in the rear park area and didn’t have any use, were transported to the entrance area with the aid of our landscape gardener and his mini crane. Now they lay there in all their glory and can't be easily moved which is the best way to keep the no-parking area free of cars.

Now you can drive in and out without a problem and on top you can use the tree trunks as sitting places. A natural solution!